Our analytic and focused approach ensures that we provide the highest level of service to every one of our clients. Prior to accepting any engagement we perform extensive preliminary analysis outlining:

Client Assessment:

  • Is this an individual or organization with whom a cooperative undertaking is likely to be successful?
  • Do we share common values and priorities; if not, do we have mutual respect for the other's perspective?
  • Does the client have a clear understanding of the assignment and its desired outcome?

Engagement Assessment:

  • Do we understand what the client objectives are in this engagement?
  • Do we believe that the client's objectives are realistic and achievable?
  • What skills and experience do we feel are necessary to accomplish the client's objectives and do we have them?
  • Do we feel that we can achieve the desired result in an efficient and cost-effective way?
  • What risks to the client are inherent in undertaking the project, and does the client understand these risks?

While no two engagements or clients are the same, there are some steps which are typical to our approach:

  • Define engagement scope and objectives
  • Establish time frame and intermediate evaluation points
  • Collect financial and other relevant data
  • Gain insight into client, industry and competitive landscape
  • Accumulate and analyze information
  • Prepare analysis for internal review
  • Form preliminary recommendations for client
  • Present analysis and recommendations to client
  • Listen to client feedback and modify approach appropriately
  • Undertake to execute advice as authorized by client
  • Evaluate whether approach/advice accomplishes client's objectivces and modify as circumstances necessitate
  • Conduct after-the-fact assessment of results in light of client's objectives